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Major principles

The major principle is «The quality of the product + the low prices + the extensive assortment»

  • Quality of the products is provided with several tests: at the factory by the manufacturer, in our service center. We deliver the goods which correspond to the Russian conditions of operation and are of high quality
  • The low prices for a product are guaranteed due to direct deliveries from manufacturers and closeness to the basic transport streams of Europe
  • The extensive assortment of spare parts is provided due to exclusive distributors agreements with the manufacturers. About 15000 part numbers are constantly in presence in the warehouse, more than 55000 part numbers under the order for any starter, alternator or spare parts for them


  • Promotions of the products are done on a regular basis and allow our customers and partners to increase the sales. Trans Starter takes part on the average in 10 exhibitions in a year, both in Russia, and in the CIS countries.


  • Narrow specialization allows reaching the great volumes of deliveries on small assortment of a product. It allows us to offer our customers best prices.


  • Professionalism of employees is provided for years of hard work, experience, constant training and the convenient software.


  • Constant updating, check and testing of the equipment is a guarantee of high quality of repair and rebuilding.


  • Trans Starter tries to keep up to date. The Internet site constantly develops, that simplifies the work with clients. The partners and the customers of the company can see the on-line stock, current special offers of the products, dates of incomes of the products, the list of the new catalogues, the news of the company, worldwide news of manufacturers.


  • Maintenance of the clients with electronic and paper catalogues
  • Electronic client’s price - list, which gives an opportunity of search of a necessary detail under any number
  • Regular updating, this includes new numbers of the manufacturers
  • Placing the orders in the electronic form
  • On-line information about availability of the products at the website
  • Unipoint
  • Wai
  • IKA
  • Saemoto
  • Cargo
  • Zen
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